Claire Harper

Connecting Customers - Better Wholesaling Summit

16th Jul 2016 • CLAIRE HARPER

Evolving technology. Smarter processes. New profits.

The first ever Better Wholesaling Summit took place on July 13 at The Bond Company in Birmingham.

I was delighted to be a keynote speaker and a member of the panel discussion alongside industry experts from Social Retail Group, Blakemore, Better Wholesaling and Celtech. I was asked to talk about my experience connecting customers and to know your customers better than they know themselves. I have worked with companies such as Argos, Ocado, Sainsburys and Mamas & Papas launching multi channel customer propositions and improving levels of change management, cultural evolution and customer service and communication over the past few years. I have also run my own successful business so I understand the challenges that small businesses face in order to grow their brand and become profitable.

My key messages for understanding customers and embracing change is to 'keep it simple' as brands and people can easily overcomplicate things. Really understand and focus on your customer at all times. They are the DNA and heartbeat of your business and stick to your brand vision and customer values and keep customers on your side. Embrace digital and social landscapes. Don't be afraid to make a mistake and try new things - have fun and create a positive and entrepreneurial place to work.

In summary, a great line up of passionate and experienced speakers and a very informative and inspirational event.

Many thanks again to Better Wholesaling for providing great insight and actionable advice to grocery and foodservice wholesalers. They aim to help the industry improve sell-through and support its customers better by promoting best practice examples from leader wholesalers and suppliers across the foodservice, cash & carry and delivered sectors.


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