Claire Harper


HELPING NEW TALENT BLOSSOM IS SOMETHING I'M REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT, because learning from inspirational leaders has been so important to my own career. Personally I think the term “mentoring” is a bit dated - it’s more about encouraging and inspiring others, and helping them overcome barriers to success. It’s a rewarding experience both for me and the team members, colleagues and students I’ve worked with over the years. I love inspiring talented and passionate people, and helping them find ways to thrive, develop and achieve their goals.

In simple terms, mentoring is about having regular access to help and support from people in your workplace or industry with more experience than you. It's about somebody taking you under their wing and giving you guidance on how to succeed, or introducing you to others who can help, simply because they've been there already. Over the years I’ve built up a large network of colleagues and contacts, and I like to be proactive in sharing what and who I know.

At different times in my career, I’ve been lucky enough to have some hugely inspirational mentors who helped me with my self-belief and resilience, and shared their extensive knowledge and experience in areas like effective communication and leadership. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that person in the workplace, which is why I offer my advice and experience to others. I’ve mentored fledgling retail marketers, students looking to build a marketing career, brand managers wanting to take the next step up the ladder, and working mums who want to thrive and progress in their chosen careers whilst spinning many plates in the air. Knowing what you’re good at, believing in yourself and selling yourself effectively are all valuable skills that will drive your career, and I can teach these skills to you or your team.

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